I am privileged to work with outstanding Haverford and Bryn Mawr students. I accept students into my lab as research assistants, and advise Senior Thesis and Independent Research projects.

Empirical Projects:

  • Xueting Ni (2018-2019 Senior Thesis) – Ethnocultural patterns in social support mismatch: Links with relationship satisfaction and well-being
  • Grace Fioramonti-Gorchow, Rachel Romens, and Jia-Ling Tuan (2017-2018 Senior Thesis) – Cultural differences in the benefits of providing support
  • Divya Shiv and Laura Marino (2015-2016 Senior Thesis) – Cultural influences on mutual and reciprocal social support
  • Michaela Ward (2015-2016 Senior Thesis) – The effects of culture and expressive writing on social support
  • Clarianne Moscoso and Sara Tauriello (2015-2016 Senior Thesis) – Body image discrepancy: The role of culture as a moderator on disordered eating
  • Dayna Kim and Catherine Aronowitz (2014-2015 Senior Thesis) – Cultural differences in constructive capitalization responses
  • Natalia Banfi and Caroline Broomfield (2014-2015 Senior Thesis) – Stress and social support seeking in International Asian, Asian American, and European American college students
  • Michaela Ward and Cecily Van Buren-Freedman (2013-2014 Independent Research) – Sex differences in spousal support interactions
  • Zara Atal (2013-2014 Senior Thesis) – Cultural perceptions of mental illnesses and the effect on stigma: A case study in Italy and its implications for the United States
  • Catherine Brooks (2013-2014 Senior Thesis) – Social support interactions and processes across cultures

My Students: